SAS Global Forum 2019 ( 28.04.2019 bis 01.05.2019  )
Art der Veranstaltung: Kongress
Ort: Dallas, USA
Datum: 28.04.2019 bis 01.05.2019
Veranstalter: SAS Institute Inc.
URL: https://www.sas.com/en_us/events/sas-global-forum.html#location Relation Browser
E-Mail: sasglobalforumr@sas.com
Telefon: +1 877-899-9933
Voranmeldung erwünscht: ja
SAS Global Forum 2019

SAS Global Forum 2019

Analytics informs. It inspires. It transforms the world around us. The everyday work you do with data and analytics – it drives progress and provides real-life solutions to once seemingly unsolvable problems.
Join us on a journey of discovery and see how people just like you are bringing analytics to life every day and in extraordinary ways. From life-saving research to aiding in catastrophic events to banking free of fraud, all these things are reliant on your brilliant fusion of data and analytics.